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Our story 

Lavanderia entrepreneurs, friends Guilherme and Juha, met at the food market in Fiskars whilst working. Food and trips to the autumn mushroom forest have united the men. Now also a joint Gastro Café. Guilherme is a long-time chef and pâtissier, while Juha has a background as a chef and restaurateur. Together, the duo wants to turn Lavanderia into a cozy restaurant where people wish to return.

Fiskars living room - a title to be earned

Our hope is to offer our guests an unforgettable experience that combines good flavors and a warm atmosphere.


It is also easy to organize small events and gatherings on our premises. 


In June, the summer terrace club starts, offering live music on Fridays until the end of August. You can find the list of performers here.


Changing art exhibitions, poetry evenings and other events are an essential part of our activities.

Cup of Coffee

"At Lavanderia, we believe that good food and drinks is what truly brings people together and creates memorable experiences. Come visit and let us take care of the rest!" 

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